Yogurt360 – Launching in 2018 – Actually A Scam???

We like to keep the scammers honest in our community. And one that we’ve dedicated this entire site to, is none other than Shayan Italia, creator of Biryani360 & Yogurt360. If you go to our homepage and even read some of the reviews about Shayan Italia and the scams that he runs, you’ll soon understand that he invests A LOT of time into making it seem legitimate. However, nothing could be further from the truth.

The very idea of this man actually creating a product that lasts for more than a few months would be amazing; however, this has yet to occur. Each and every “venture” Shayan takes up, usually ends up costing the buyers, investors and companies working with Shayan in both TIME and MONEY.

There’s been more than one instance in which Shayan has stolen money from hard-working online entrepreneurs, just so he can get the job done for “free”. I fail to see how Yogurt 360 will be any different. It seems this time he has found new investors and chain-stores within the Mumbai, India region to risk their good names dealing with this fellow.

Our only hope is to write these blog posts and warn the world about Shayan Italia & Yogurt360 (launching in 2018?). No matter what, we will continue to point out the blatant scams and schemes that Shayan puts trusting individuals through. Every day we find more and more people who have been hurt by his dealings.

Not only that, but once he has scammed someone, he has the “balls” to lie right to your face and blame the outcome on you and your “short-sightedness”. However, you should hear how Shayan talks about himself to anyone willing to listen to the enormous ego he holds.

You see 007 in the pic (black tie, cheeky grin)? Yup that’s Shayan (pronounced shy-yan), the Founder & Chief Encouraging Officer (CEO) of this awesome concept Yogurt360, that starts all across Mumbai in 2018. He represents the Zoroastrian Parsis in the pic, because, well umm, he’s a Zoroastrian P.A.R.S.I (People Always Ready to Serve India). Shayan is an Indian-born critically acclaimed pianist, songwriter, entrepreneur and global traveller. When he was very young his Mum bought him a piano as a goodbye present. She never lived to see him play it. Since then he’s been playing and playing and playing…He is only one of a handful of individuals from India to be interviewed by Sir David Frost and has performed to a sell out crowd at Royal Albert Hall in London.


UPDATE: As of Nov. 2017 it seems Shayan Italia has removed his websites www.shayan.com & www.shayanitalia.com due to the negative backlash he has faced on social media.

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Shayan Italia is the founder of Biryani360, musician and self-proclaimed millionaire. What he leaves out of the story is that everything is a lie and a great con to leave with your money.
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