Yogurt360 a Product of Shayan “The Scammer” Italia

Yogurt360 Scam


You see 007 in the pic (black tie, cheeky grin)? Yup that’s Shayan (pronounced shy-yan), the Founder & holder of the Conman Extraordinaire Office (CEO) of this awesome concept Yogurt360, that starts all across Mumbai in early 2018. Shayan is an Indian-born International multi-award winning musician, songwriter, entrepreneur and global traveler. He is only one of a handful of individuals from India to be interviewed by Sir David Frost and has performed to a sell out crowd at Royal Albert Hall in London (as the first of four acts, BUT NOT THE MAIN).


YOGURT360 (The Next Scam)

We have discovered the next sinister device in Shayan Italia’s arsenal of scams – another food delivery service that rips people off and relies on fake reviews and fake promotions in order to achieve a short-lived wealth of some kind. It seems that as soon as 2018, there will be a launch of a product called Yogurt360 by Shayan Italia and it’s safe to say that this venture has a turning point for it’s customers somewhere. Just like Biryani360 and many of Shayan’s previous adventures, there are hidden skeletons in that closet of his.

That’s why we have invented this website right here! We want to finally show the world that scammers in different parts of the world won’t get away with their crimes against us civil people. While I assume that Shayan Italia and Yogurt360 will claim that they have been mentioned in national papers and news networks, there will be a lacking side of evidence to show that when you search any of their websites for any mention of Shayan Italia or his fake brand(s). Doing a simple Google search of phrases like these (copy & paste them in your browser):

site: forbes.com “Yogurt360”


site: cnn.com “Yogurt360”

site: cnbc.com “Yogurt360”

Shayan Italia Yogurt360You will find that the searches only return random websites that we used to build backlinks to his domains for (yes, we provided him a service and were scammed as well). None of these claims are substantiated in any form. I have even gone as far as to check with Forbes if their India or EU satellite offices have covered anything regarding “Shayan Italia”, “Biryani360”, or “Yogurt360” at any time. The only answer I received was a resounding, “NO!”.

As you can tell, lying isn’t the best place to begin your business from. That’s why we have made an effort to stay on top of the most recent scams that Shayan Italia is looking to pull off. We have the ability to track his social medias, website’s registered, IP address and much much more. We only use these tools to the effect that we can disable this scammer from ever being successful at ripping dozens of people off, running away with an excess of $20,000.00 in stolen goods.

If you have any business dealings with this scammer – be very aware that he IS A SCAMMER. No matter what he says, and boy did Shayan make every lie sound so appealing and true. But the idea of a CON-man is the CONFIDENCE he gives you in your dealings. Unfortunately, I have learned my lesson and until Shayan apologizes and makes retribution for every person he has wronged, this website and all of it’s data will forever remain in the realm of the internet.

And thankfully, since we are SEO experts, we can place this website at the top of every search engine in the world. Just watch what happens when you search for the term “Yogurt360”. We’ll be at the top of those searches!

Posted on August 8, 2017 in Shayan Italia Scams

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Shayan Italia is the founder of Biryani360, musician and self-proclaimed millionaire. What he leaves out of the story is that everything is a lie and a great con to leave with your money.
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