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Steve Adam LOST ‎$147.00‎ to Shayan Italia & Yogurt 360 Scam

Shayan actually came to get my consulting services for his new website and I gave him and SEO breakdown because he said he needed an improvement over some derogatory materials on the internet about his firm. God if I only looked up what it actually said, I could have NOT wasted 2 hours of…

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Yogurt360 – Launching in 2018 – Actually A Scam???

We like to keep the scammers honest in our community. And one that we’ve dedicated this entire site to, is none other than Shayan Italia, creator of Biryani360 & Yogurt360. If you go to our homepage and even read some of the reviews about Shayan Italia and the scams that he runs, you’ll soon understand…

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Yogurt360’s Fraudulent Beginnings – A Famous Scammer Runs The Company

Some of the work that we performed on behalf of Biryani360 and Shayan Italia was the introduction of “highly acclaimed” reviews and newspaper clippings stating how great Shayan Italia, Biryani360 & Yogurt360 are. However, this couldn’t be further from the truth. In fact, a NUMBER of links found within the Shayan Italia Wikipedia page have…

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Yogurt360 a Product of Shayan “The Scammer” Italia

QUICK BIO OF YOGURT360 by SHAYAN ITALIA You see 007 in the pic (black tie, cheeky grin)? Yup that’s Shayan (pronounced shy-yan), the Founder & holder of the Conman Extraordinaire Office (CEO) of this awesome concept Yogurt360, that starts all across Mumbai in early 2018. Shayan is an Indian-born International multi-award winning musician, songwriter, entrepreneur and global…

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