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Steve Adam LOST ‎$147.00‎ to Shayan Italia & Yogurt 360 Scam

Shayan actually came to get my consulting services for his new website and I gave him and SEO breakdown because he said he needed an improvement over some derogatory materials on the internet about his firm. God if I only looked up what it actually said, I could have NOT wasted 2 hours of…

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Yogurt360 – Launching in 2018 – Actually A Scam???

We like to keep the scammers honest in our community. And one that we’ve dedicated this entire site to, is none other than Shayan Italia, creator of Biryani360 & Yogurt360. If you go to our homepage and even read some of the reviews about Shayan Italia and the scams that he runs, you’ll soon understand…

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Yogurt360 a Product of Shayan “The Scammer” Italia

QUICK BIO OF YOGURT360 by SHAYAN ITALIA You see 007 in the pic (black tie, cheeky grin)? Yup that’s Shayan (pronounced shy-yan), the Founder & holder of the Conman Extraordinaire Office (CEO) of this awesome concept Yogurt360, that starts all across Mumbai in early 2018. Shayan is an Indian-born International multi-award winning musician, songwriter, entrepreneur and global…

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