Steve Adam LOST ‎$147.00‎ to Shayan Italia & Yogurt 360 Scam

Shayan actually came to get my consulting services for his new website and I gave him and SEO breakdown because he said he needed an improvement over some derogatory materials on the internet about his firm. God if I only looked up what it actually said, I could have NOT wasted 2 hours of my life for nothing. Hopefully he doesn’t implement everything I told him, so you can keep ranking over him. If you want, just reach out and I can improve the back-end of your website to rank you higher in the search engines.

– Steve Adam LOST ‎$147.00‎

Posted on November 1, 2017 in Shayan Italia Scams

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Shayan Italia is the founder of Biryani360, musician and self-proclaimed millionaire. What he leaves out of the story is that everything is a lie and a great con to leave with your money.
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