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People Shayan Italia Has Scammed So Far

Shayan Italia Scam VictimsSo to start off, we made this site to post our negative interactions with Shayan Italia, who has come to be known as Shayan “The Scammer” Italia. Once we started ranking for a lot of his keywords and ESPECIALLY when we ranked for his own name “Shayan Italia” did the bugs start coming out of the woodwork. We discovered we were not the only people to have been hurt by this charlatan’s ways. He has not only devastated us as a small business, but he has also hurt many others for even smaller amounts of money. And as many wise religious texts state, “If you cannot trust someone with little, how can you trust a person with a lot.” So when we found out Shayan has a record of skipping out on the tab for even $100, $50 and $5 bills, imagine what he will do if this kid gets ‘angel investors’ to give him hundreds of thousands or even millions of dollars of (what I can imagine he sees as) ‘free money’! BEWARE!!!


This is the SHORT VERSION. Click here for the LONG VERSION with photographic phroof.

The entire time that I dealt with Shayan, I kept getting the ‘gut feelings’ that I shouldn’t trust or believe him. And he really laid it on thick when he talked about all the India-Millionaires he knew and promised he would introduce me to his ‘mentor’ who was a millionaire or some long story he kept trying to sell me for some reason.

In either case, Mr. Italia signs up for a package where he PAYS NOTHING until he is Page 1 in Google for his website and 1st keyword. People love this offer as most are just looking to find a reliable SEO company that actually does what they promise. So he signs up for our $495 a month package. We rank him Page 1 in Google for over 20+ terms (4,000+ searches a month just for Biryani in Mumbai). When the time comes for him to give us his payment information for it’s first charge, he replies back that Page 1 of Google isn’t what he paid for…. I’m sorry, but isn’t that what the contract stated???

YES IT IS… you signed up for SEO and Page 1 Rankings in Google!

Shayan Italia Signed Contract

He goes through a bag of statements, like: I paid for traffic and organic searches. So we go into his Google Analytics and find that 33% of all website visitors are coming from a Google search (not paid, not bots, not Bing, Yahoo or anything else) BUT GOOGLE. And the statistics even showed them clicking on him from the FIRST PAGE!!! Yeah, that lie didn’t last more than 10 minutes. So he moves onto the next tactic and blames it on the fact, that he doesn’t know how to read the numbers and see how many people are from Google (WTF?!?!). I got on TeamViewer and even showed him first hand where the stats were, so he would be able to verify himself the statistics I talked about. Shayan goes on further, that his sales numbers haven’t increased at all.

So we look at his sales for his site. Month 0 – $1,883. Month 1 – $2,280. Month 2 – $2,812. Month 3 – $3,019. We stopped his service at Month 4 due to non-payment, but with the way we build Google rankings, he’ll be profiting off our work for the next 6-12 months now for FREE!

Anyways, after we shoot down every excuse he has in the book. And boy did Shayan bring a GIGANTIC BOOK of EXCUSES. I finally ask him, will you pay the money that you ALREADY OWE at least? He says, money is nothing to me. If you need the first of the three $495 payments owed (I said, yes we need it now), then I can get some funds together (which means he’s broke) and pay you guys. Shayan Italia starts on what was LITERALLY a FULL 25 minute rant on how you can ask anyone in India and any of his ‘investors’ if he has paid every bill ever. And then, another 5 minutes on how he would never lie about these stories of him being a man of his word and paying people he owes. I don’t think I personally got more than a 1-2 sentences in the entire time. I was basically getting yelled at for accomplishing my mission and asking him to pay us what he owed. He kept assuring me that he would pay it, all the while, never giving me the payment he kept telling me he was about to pay. This eventually devolves into me at the 25-30 minute mark politely asking, “So can you pay us for the first month you owe?” in which….

He then proceeds to tell us flat out, well you cannot sue me for the money. You are in the USA and I’m in India. In which he proceeds to (I cannot make this up) tell us a story about how some guy who robbed a firm of $7.7M in funding was held hostage and the Indian government and courts didn’t see anything wrong with that. So he’s literally saying, the Indian government doesn’t care that we scam people outside our country or even in it.

After hearing that, I don’t think you need to be a rocket scientist to know what was going to happen next. He was going to walk away and never pay us a dime of what was owed (we invested over $1,200 OF OUR OWN MONEY into his SEO and website without receiving a dime).

After a long winded back-and-forth of emails, Skype calls and messages, to finally getting Indian lawyers involved and finding out the hard truth… he was right about not being able to sue him, I’ve decided to call it quits. But upon discovering this site, I decided to take my wasted efforts and let others know about this kid, Shayan Italia and to not trust him.

I mean, there’s a whole list of things, that as I dug deeper into this guy, I found out was not true.


Most Used Shayan Italia Lies

  1. He is a millionare
  2. He knows other millionaires and billionaires in India and will introduce you to them once you prove yourself worthy
  3. His ‘mentor’ is a millionaire
  4. He has ‘investors’ and ‘angel investors’ (but cannot pay a $495 marketing invoice)
  5. He has donated or raised money for Cancer & MS Research (although it makes Shayan sound philanthropic, doesn’t it?)
  6. His ‘music career’ was started by another person he scammed (that story is in the site somewhere)
  7. His Wikipedia page was created and edited by SEO firms like us, and is made to seem more realistic. Everything in there is a lie that we spun to make Shayan appear prominent and ‘well-to-do’. We created dozens of accounts with unique IPs and used just 6 articles (that only mentioned his CD release) to spin an entire Wikipedia page for him. If you read it, it’s the exact same lies he tells everyone above. See how this works now?

– Mr. Miller LOST $13,200.00


After doing some research on Shayan Italia for a firm, I found that everything about this guy is a lie. I mean even the first video for his business Biryani360 was a fakery and lie AND THAT’S HOW IT EVEN BECAME FAMOUS!!! I’m just saying. From the newspaper articles, “customer” reviews, videos and social buzz – it’s all been created by the SEO firm(s) he hired OR a Fiverr seller. I’ve never seen such a show put on to create such a facade on the internet before.

– Amy LOST $0.00


Shayan, if that is his real name, promised many clients for us as biryani seller in Mumbai. When we gave him the money to start the website and get on Google for us – we found he hired another company for the work. He then stole our website design. He lied and took our money, then move the website for himself and go to another cook for his biryani. He tell us how he know millionaires and investor for us, but we never see one. Shayan is liar and thief.

– Manpreet Kuar LOST Rs 90,000


Hey just came across your website when I was Googling “Shayan Italia India” and your site came up Page 1. Clicked through and read some of the stories around this guy. I was just recently scammed by Shayan Italia – I’m amazed he even keeps using his name over and over. Wish I had read it sooner because we just suffered a similar scenario to him not paying what was owed. I was delivering 50 articles professionally written for Biryani360.com and usually we require payment up front, but Shayan was adamant about checking the quality of the articles first. So he paid for 20 @ $10 per 400 word article ($200 total) and said he’d pay the remaining $300 when the articles were approved. Well come the week we deliver the articles, no reply. I keep trying to reach him and I just get silence. So I send an email with read-notifications and find out that he IS READING THE EMAILS but just isn’t replying back to us.
Long story short, we are going into Month 2 of asking for payment and sending invoice reminders to no avail. I guess I’ll have to chalk this up to a loss on my end. But thought I’d share my story of running into this guy with you. If you want, I can give you guys screenshots of the chats we had with each other. All he ever kept saying was, “I’m good for the money, why would I lie to you, I’m not a liar.” Like he had been through this all before, and more than just a few times.

In either case, thanks for the site. Like I said, wish I had found it sooner. Makes it easy for people to find out what he’s done. Seems like he pissed off someone in the SEO industry because this site ranks for almost every term for his name.

– Jeffrey A. LOST $300.00


Wow, you guys have really been hurt by Shayan. The guy came to me too for online marketing and advertising on Google. He found me through a site called Fiverr.com and immediately started talking about taking me off the site to avoid the high 20% commission rates there. I jumped on board, as niave as I was. After about $100 worth of work was done for him in graphic designs for his website shayanitalia.com I sent him the full invoice and he was to pay it immediately as we were talking via Skype. It’s been 2 weeks now and I haven’t had one reply from him. Lesson learned I guess.

– Susan LOST $100.00


Oh I’ll tell you a story about Shayan. I’m a record mixer and producer. Back in 2002 to 2007, I was producing some of the larger artists in India at that time. And in comes Shayan Italia off the streets of Mumbai, saying how he has great music and he’s going to use the internet to get rich. So he puts down the deposit for the studio and my time, sets a date to record and comes back. The first time in, we were able to get 6 tracks down and he asked me to mix them off to the side and would pay extra for the time. He even came over to the studio late at night and would work to finish up the entire album with me. After we finished, he had around 36,000INR in additional fees for the recording studio and mixing time (about $800 today). He had already paid up most of it, so the final portion wasn’t a worry for me. But then again, Shayan changed the way I do business now. Money up front or no service.

So after weeks bugging him and friends to complete the bill, he just stopped answering my calls. Like a child, he just ran away from me when I saw him. Obviously I never collected on the bill, but I did see his name pop up in a newspaper here last week and thought about that incident. So I put his name into Google, this site popped up with the title “Shayan Italia the Scammer”. And that’s my story.

He made 400,000INR with that album and couldn’t send me 10% of it. Yes you can put this on your site. Do not use my name.

– John Doe LOST 36,000INR


Found this website when I search for shayans name. Bad that I ran into shayan, he has now done the same to me. He hired me on www.upwork.com for a shopify site design on www.biryani360.com and create a new graphic and logo. I worked with him for almost 2 months and we finish the website like he wanted. He approved everything and said he was going to pay the final 50% of the €2,500 but he never contact me back. So I go to login to the website and take down the theme and he locked me out. He even hire another coder to remove my name in the theme I designed. I never got my money after all the emails I sent him. He scammed me out of so much money and time.

– Kurdu Benla LOST ‎€1,250.00‎


Shayan actually came to get my consulting services for his new website yogurt360.com and I gave him and SEO breakdown because he said he needed an improvement over some derogatory materials on the internet about his firm. God if I only looked up what it actually said, I could have NOT wasted 2 hours of my life for nothing. Hopefully he doesn’t implement everything I told him, so you can keep ranking over him. If you want, just reach out and I can improve the back-end of your website to rank you higher in the search engines.

– Steve Adam LOST ‎$147.00‎

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