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Biryani360 is the brain child of Founder & CEO, Shayan Italia (who also stole the business, domain and sales from Manpreet Kuar), better known across the globe by his stage name, Shayan (pronounced ‘shy-yan’). An Indian-born, multi-award winning Zoroastrian singer-songwriter and pianist (who never paid his music producer and album mixer), Shayan started writing songs unexpectedly, after losing both his parents at a young age. With over 40 million downloads of his music worldwide (through FREE downloads inflated by bots and SEO firms like us using millions of IP Addresses to generate ‘fake social buzz’), Shayan doesn’t read music, sees the piano as code, can transpose in real time and has a standing catalogue of 150 songs.

Shayan Italia Telling The Truth


Shayan became the first unsigned act to appear on BBC Radio 4’s “Desert Island Discs” (don’t let this falsely lead you that he performed, he DID NOT, but was merely mentioned in an ad on the show) and performed for a sold out show, to critical acclaim, at the Royal Albert Hall in London (Shayan was a guest-performance at a FREE event). To support his journey in music, Shayan ingeniously auctioned off a portion of his earnings on eBay, raising US$9,000 in seven days. He later raised a sum total of US$1 million by conventional means, something no one had ever done before. (This $1M funding was fake and a promotion used once again by us as a ‘fake social buzz’. View the Wikipedia pages and “News Sites” that cover this information. It’s all created and produced by us through numerous social media and Wikipedia accounts we own. The money was never raised, and Shayan is not a millionaire.) He also has the distinction of being one of a handful from India to be interviewed by the late legendary British interviewer, Sir David Frost.


Shayan’s song “Reflection” won the All India Song Contest. He was a Top 5 finalist at the VH1 International Song Contest, won the Editor’s Choice Award at the International Poetry Contest and secured the Honorary Award at the Great American Song Contest. He has also been awarded the “Young Entrepreneur Of The Year” by the World Zarthushti Chamber of Commerce (WZCC). Feel, his international debut project, is personal and not for commercial release. The project has garnered over 40 million downloads worldwide to date. (through FREE downloads inflated by bots and SEO firms like us using millions of IP Addresses to generate ‘fake social buzz’) Shayan’s music and story are now under consideration to be made into a Broadway musical. (We have contacted Broadway Musical via phone 1.800.BROADWAY and they have no record of a Shayan Italia ever being inducted or listed as a nominee for any awards by them.)




Biryani360 happened purely by accident. In the summer of July, Shayan’s music project concluded. Having nothing to do in the city of Mumbai, he was home one day, tinkering with animation software on his computer and created the video “Biryani360 – How It All Began” in around 2 hours. (This video showcased how good Shayan was with faking ‘social buzz’. The video was acclaiming the amazing flavor and taste of a restaurant that was NOT in existence.) He then sent it to one of his close friends who was to visit him in Bandra West for dinner that night. His friend absolutely loved it and said “let’s try this place out”, but of course, there was nothing to try; it was just a concept created on the fly. With more people viewing the video and loving the same, it eventually led Shayan to consider exploring making Biryani360 a reality. (He did this after scamming the first buyers for his Biryani360 products. After making a few hundred dollars a month from the viralness of the video, he decided to go legit.) The problem was he had no experience in food, nor did he know how to cook! (Which is why he ended up scamming Manpreet Kuar for the business, domain name and more.)


So Shayan went on the biryani hunt of a lifetime. All across India he sampled biryanis of every kind. He concluded that biryani, as a dish, no matter how diverse across the various regions of India, did one thing very well and that was to make you put on a bucket load of weight! The dishes predominantly had ghee in them, were full of preservatives and didn’t use very high quality ingredients. Once you had one bite, the rest was pretty much the same, until one could eat no more. The biryanis, across the board, also lacked any kind of vegetable, key to adding both texture and multiple flavours to a dish. One would go to the extent of even saying there wasn’t a single well respected vegetarian variant of biryani – anywhere!


250 biryani tastings later, consulting with some of the most cutting edge nutritionists the world over, Shayan concluded the only way forward was to create an original recipe from scratch, one that is nothing remotely close to the heavy, oily biryanis out there. What evolved was a light, incredibly flavourful dish that is unlike any other. Working closely for 6 months with experimental technology and undiscovered methodology, Shayan, alongside his team, finalized a truly unique Biryani recipe which is less than half the calories of others; the only biryani that is prepared fresh on order using superior ingredients. Coupled with virtually no oil and way less fat in comparison to the more well known biryanis in the market, every ingredient is hand picked twice daily by Biryani360’s executive panel of chefs, perfectly cooked with BlueFlame technology and delivered in incredibly sleek packaging.





While still a teenager, Shayan lost his mum to Multiple Myeloma (bone marrow cancer) and his Dad to Multiple Sclerosis. Since then, he has wholeheartedly and tirelessly supported both causes, helping to raise incredible amounts of money in the process globally. (We have found no donations or charities Shayan has given to, FURTHER MORE, we have only seen him market himself as a philanthropist for the last 7+ years now.)





“If someone tells you something cannot be done; it’s just their way of saying they cannot do it”

“Those who start later; tend to achieve greater”
“It’s not what you say, but what you do, that defines your individuality”
“It costs nothing to smile. Do it as often as possible”

(These quotes are found online and have NEVER been attributed to Shayan Italia. We have only seen these quotes inside his personal & business emails.)

Shayan Italia Telling The Truth

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